About our Specialized Services

Basquillat Consulting INC is a Company specialized in providing consulting services in the areas of policies and procedures development, business processes design and Internal & IT audit. Core team is composed by dedicated professionals with extensive experience in audit services in specialized audit companies.

Our policies, procedures and standards have been designed by established professionals with extensive experience in financial, operational and IT audit. You will find the writing style from our templates highly useful, and provide benefits to a wider audience, including employees and managers from different areas of the business. These professional IT policies and procedures templates will help your Company to:

  • Connect the Top Management’s vision with the internal operations
  • Save time, money or promote other workplace savings
  • Ensure compliance with audit requirements
  • Avoid the situation when an employee cannot recognize the next steps in his activities

The largest benefit of using our services is the fact that we do not provide you an empty template of and IT policy/ procedure/ standard with a lot of empty spaces to fill, but we provide you a easy to custom product that needs minimum adjustment. A skilled person with deep knowledge of the IT processes within your Company can update these templates and make a final product in a matter of hours, saving lots of resources on the way.

With more than 150 products listed on our website, you will find it very easy to find a suitable product for your needs. We were successful to customize our products to cover the plethora of IT processes in place in the majority of middle to large size companies.

Our typical clients are medium (>10 employees) or large (>50 employees) entities, government or private owned, profit or non-profit activities, engaged mainly in one of the following industries, but not only:

  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Fintech
  •  Automotive
  • Telecom
  • Consumer Products
  • Media & Entertainment

Do not hesitate to contact us at office@it-procedure-template.com in case more details are required.