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Why is cybersecurity risk assessment critical?

Why is cybersecurity risk assessment critical?

Almost all businesses have some sort of IT infrastructure and internet connectivity, which means that almost all businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Organizations must carry out a cybersecurity risk assessment. This procedure identifies which assets are most...
Tips and tricks for online data protection

Tips and tricks for online data protection

With social networks and a wide variety of online destinations, it's critical to be aware of security precautions you can take and avoid online threats. Your systems and browsers should be secure by default, but how seriously do you treat internet security and...
Today hackers and need for IT procedures

Anatomy of today’s hacker

We frequently hear news about businesses being exposed or facing financial situations because either system just got hacked. Cyberattacks are not new, but with the advancing technology, the types of attacks and hacking tricks are definitely shifting. Today’s hacker is...
IT Procedure template security

What is 2-factor authentication, and why do you need it?

Have you ever faced a password breach? We all had to recover our emails or other application accounts only because of password hacking. Now, the password seems to be the secure thing to do, but it fails us when any person with a sneaky mind hacks into our accounts and...
IT Procedures for increased cybersecurity

5 Tips to Start Your Career in Cybersecurity

By 2025, 60% of firms will see cybersecurity risk as their primary consideration when engaging in business with third parties, according to Gartner research. With all these figures, do you still wonder and feel uncertain about beginning a career in cybersecurity? So,...
Cyber-security attacks - Know Its Types

Cyber-Security Attacks – Know Its Types

Since we are continually connected to the internet, we constantly worry about losing our data. Cyber attacks carried out by hackers, or online con artists may be terrible for any person or business. With the development of network-based ransomware worms, some more...

Top Cloud Security Challenges in 2022

With many organizations leaning towards cloud solutions, cloud security is becoming a pressing concern. It’s important to be aware of top cloud security challenges and concerns to prepare best for them. Cloud computing is easily accessible and easy to access, which...
top 10 security cyber risks 2021

Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats to Watch out for in 2021

Technology is changing the way we operate every day. Latest technologies like Blockchain Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) are the new normal. As technologies evolve, so do the threats. Organizations need to prepare for cyber threats, both internal...

Access Control and Its Role in Information Security

Are you looking for an access control policy template and wondering about access control and its role in information security? In any type of organization, it’s crucial to identify who can access what! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the organizational structure...
IT Procedure for IT Audit

Importance of an IT Audit for Your Business

In 2020, an IT audit is important for all organizations. It provides insights into the business’s IT infrastructure and how it can be improved. People are usually not familiar with the term and this article will help them realize the importance of an IT audit. In...



The User Administration Procedure has been designed to provide a unified guideline for creating, modifying or deleting user accounts from Company business systems.



The Remote Access Policy was developed by the Company in order to define a common minimum baseline level of security for the provision of access to Company’s systems from external…



The Access Control System Security Standard specifies the requirements with respect to the "need-to-know / need to have" principle, segregation of duties, user account management, access management, logging and access…

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Robert Renato, IT Manager

An excellent choice if you want to roll out policies quickly. Even though we are not a company listed in the stock exchange, the ideas contained within the IT Procedure templates provided an excellent basis to begin the process and as a springboard to adapt to local current practices.

James Brooks, CISO



This IT Security Policy has been developed to protect all systems within the Company to an adequate level from events which may jeopardize company activity. These events will include accidents…



The objective of the Secure Operation and Compliance Standard is to ensure that the Company adheres to the highest standards of information security. It is committed to upholding client confidentiality…



The Cryptographic Control Policy intends to draw the general principles acceptable to the Company for the usage of cryptography. This policy applies to all employees and partners and to all…


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