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The objective of the Password Security Policy is to establish the minimum rules and requirements that must be enforced in order to ensure that strong passwords are created and protected…



Identity and Access Management Standard describes the management of individuals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries with the goal of increasing security and productivity…



The Privileged User Accounts Management Procedure has been designed to describe the process of creating, modifying or deleting privileged user accounts from the Company’s business systems.

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From the first interaction with the free sample downloaded, we knew that these templates are professionally drafted by former auditors, who know what is required by audit standards and other relevant IT standards. We are very please with our purchases from your website.

Robert Renato, IT Manager

An excellent choice if you want to roll out policies quickly. Even though we are not a company listed in the stock exchange, the ideas contained within the IT Procedure templates provided an excellent basis to begin the process and as a springboard to adapt to local current practices.

James Brooks, CISO



This IT Security Policy describes how to use information systems resources to ensure information security within the Company.



The Information Security Strategy and General Principles outlines the information security strategy and the principles defined by Senior Management that are used to establish the Company Information Security Framework.



The Use of Electronic Communications Policy sets out the principles and procedures applicable to electronic communications, including email, instant messaging, digital faxing and other electronic communication services, of Company personnel.


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